Wow they make their roofs tall out in Redland Bay - Simply Solar

Wow they make their roofs tall out in Redland Bay.


Todays solar power Brisbane job was out at Redland Bay. It was almost perfect. The rain stayed away for the most part of the day (Came to visit late afternoon). The clouds gave us some lets just say a break from the heat we have had lately. With the cyclone off the coast all over the news all day we were hoping to get this job out of the way quick smart.

Now I go on about it a fair bit about site visits for quotes for this reason – Whilst this job was already super large and super tall with a whole lot of shiny new Longi solar power panels heading up to the roof. The main electrical board was right in the middle of the house.

Now whilst I as the sales man knew this as I went to the house for the quote our guys were not told of this little gem until they got to site. I mean we didn’t want them overthinking it haha. 

Now if we not have been to site we would not have known we needed quite a bit extra wiring and conduit and well a whole lot more time spent on site to get up the internal ceilings.

The guys did a great job keeping this job nice and neat as it was quite the challenge for them. The owner now shares his man cave with a SolaX inverter. She does look quite modern and impressive up on the wall.

The app was set up by logging in to customers wifi service for them to be able to track their solar gains and power usage. I’s a very simple process.

We want to thank you and your super well mannered puppy (hope he enjoyed his little walk today couldn’t keep him locked up for too long) for choosing Simply Solar for your Solar Power needs.

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