I have no idea what is a feed in tariff? - Simply Solar

What exactly do you mean when you starting talking about feed in tariff?


Are your eyes starting to glaze over? Has there been too much talk about feed in tariffs? Brands of solar power panels? Jinko, Trina, Sunpower, Longi, Canadian Solar, to the many inverters SMA, Solax,Fronius etc. We want to take it a step backwards and break down the components of your new solar power system.


Today I want to talk to you about Feed in tariffs and what they are exactly. When your solar panels are generating power its converted into a useable electricity, that can run you home appliances etc. Your inverter converts this power.


 Now say (now stay with me here haha). Just say in the likely chance that there is not one dirty dish in the house so there would be no need to run your dishwasher. And… say there is not one dirty item of clothing in the house, so no need to run the washing machine today. (are you still with me here?? haha-well there are some super organised people on this planet). The pool pump has finished for the day. No air con needed. Kids are not home so no computers running and you can quietly hear the fridge in the background.


Your home is not using up all of the electricity that is being generated from your panels. That power needs to go somewhere. If you don’t have a battery to store this extra electricity, it is sent off back to the grid. Back to your electricity supplier who pays you a price (tariff) for this surplus energy you are giving back. 


The amount you receive back from your electricity provider differs between them, so is certainly worth re evaluating your bill- including daily charges, feed in tariff and your usage rates. This amount that you receive back is credited against your upcoming bill. Your next bill you receive after Simply Solar installed the solar power system on your roof you will see a credit for nay unused power. 


We will discuss in a further blog about the best ways of making the most out of your new solar power system.

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