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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of your frequently asked questions about solar.

Basically, the light from the sun hits your solar panels. This causes an electric reaction creating Direct Current (DC) power.  DC current is drawn from the panels by the inverter which converts the DC current to AC power used as electricity.

When the weather is bad or its night time, our system automatically switches you over to the electricity grid. In other words, when your panels aren’t generating electricity you’re connected to your regular power company. No need to worry about losing power.

On average there’s 5.4 light hours a day. So 1kW of solar panels will produce approx. 5.4kW of power a day.

In other words:

The size of your solar power system x 5.4 = the amount of kW power your system will produce a day.

Yes! Simply Solar offer $0 deposit, No interest financing on all our solar packages. If you’re interested in financing a solar package, or just want some more information. Give us a call on 1300 633 376 


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Basically the only rebate is the STC program.  It is a discount we apply upfront on your solar.  It’s a little complicated. Our industry professionals will explain it and make sure you understand over the phone or in person.

Yes of course. We deal with many suppliers and can supply what ever you like. The brands we deal with now are just well proven to be effective and long lasting.

Those that have a battery system will have battery back up.

However those that do not have battery backup rely on the grid to work. So during any power outage you will not have power.

Discuss with us the options available.

We install solar throughout Australia. Simply Solar are local to QLD with our head office in Redland Bay. Although we have branches around Aus and supply solar to all areas. 


Request a quote to find an installer close to you. 

Simply Solar are trusted solar experts.

The expert team at Simply Solar choose top quality solar products from leading brands. We’re Here to make the process as easy as possible for you. 


Start with us and get on with enjoying your life. 

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