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Because we pride ourselves on using quality products & our ongoing service, support and maintenance. We make sure your system works for you. 



Since starting our business 14 years ago, we’ve installed solar to thousands fo happy customers. Helping homes & businesses cut the cost of power, as-well as providing sustainable, clean energy for our future.


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6.6kW Solar with battery storage
Available from $5,695

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Most efficient solar package
Available from $4,695

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* Our payment plan requires $0 deposit and the remainder total cost paid over 24 months via equal monthly instalments on your credit card. Not available in all areas. Price for a standard installation on a tin roof single-storey house within 50 km of a Brisbane, Gold Coast or QLD installer location (additional charges apply in other states).

All prices include GST and small-scale technology certificates (STCs)

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Light from the sun hits the panels. This causes an electric reaction creating DC power. This power is drawn from the panels by the inverter.  The inverter converts the power to 240 AC power like your house uses.

Yes, we offer $0 deposit, no interest financing on all our solar packages. Give us a call 1300 633 376  and speak to an industry professional to get started saving today!

If the weather is bad or its night time our system automatically switches you over to the electricity grid. In other words, if your panels aren’t generating power, you’re connected seamlessly to your regular energy provider for uninterrupted electricity.

This depends on the size of your system, and the amount of sunlight available. As-well as the angle and direction of your roof. 


In QLD there is on average 5.4 light hours a day.  So 1kW of solar panels will produce approximately 5.4kW of power a day.  In other words the size of your solar power system x 5.4 = the amount of kW power your system will produce a day

Yes, every solar system and install is tailored and designed to your needs. We will recommend you a system that we think will serve you best based off the information you share with us.

When you request a quote, we will gather some basic information from you like your electricity usage. We also use satellite roof mapping to create your solar design to make sure the panels you need fit your roof. Talk to us to find out what we can do for you and start designing your package.

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Save with 24 months interest-free finance on all solar!

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All our work is carried out by licensed electricians.

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