Solar Power @ Home

I just love paying power bills. Said no one ever.  The sun shines, it hits your roof & generates power.   Reduce or illuminate your electricity bill.  Let Simply Solar help you make the switch.

Solar Hot Water

An old electric hot water system can be using up as much as 30% of your total power bill.  Change to a Solar hot water system today and cut your costs. In QLD we haven’t personally turned our own booster on for almost a year = meaning we have had FREE hot water for a whole year.

Information overload?

We understand there is alot of info to take in and try to make it as easy to understand as possible. We want you to know what you’re purchasing, how to use it and how much you should expect to save from making the switch to solar.

Why Simply Solar

We have been in the solar industry for over 10 years. We wont sell you on simply the cheapest, we will go over the options with you in English to make the switch to solar easy, affordable and stress free.


Who are we?

Simply Solar have been installing solar systems on QLD homes for the last 10 years.  We have literally done thousands of them.  We started Simply Solar as a better way for people to power their homes.  We are not tree huggers, none of us have dreadlocks (not that there is anything wrong with that haha) We are just a team of people that love the idea of using the power of the sun to produce free electricity.

Product Categories

Simply Solar, Free power from the sun its that Simple.


No matter what size your system we have a variety of panels depending on your budget needs and system setup. Whether a brand new system to reduce your electricity bill or if you are looking to expand your system, we can assist with that also, Simply Solar has you covered.

Information Overload

We understand when switching to solar is a brain workout. We want to make it simple to make the switch and will step through the information with you. Give you options. And then we will step you through the process of installation. We want to make it a smooth transition and are always here even after installation to answer your questions.

How do I know what I need?

Existing homes we can come out take a look at your roof space. We will go over your bill and your electricity usage with you. We will offer you options depending if you are looking to reduce or eliminate your bill. If you are building we can discuss with your builder and work with them. We are here to make it as simple as we can.

Battery Storage

Lithium has come down in price and has some advantages over traditional AGM batteries.  Residential batteries that connect to your solar system are a lot more affordable than you think.  If you currently have a solar system on your home why not ask us to fit a battery system that will allow you to store the power generated by your solar.  Next time the power goes out your neighbours will be over at your place because you will be watching the footy using the power from your battery while they sit by candle light checking facebook on their phone.


We offer a range of inverters depending on your solar needs. We have solar power packages. We will go over your bill with you and give you some options and then go from there.

Battery Monitors

We have solar power packages where you are supplied everything you need to log into an app on your phone tablet or computer via wifi to keep an eye on your investment. It is quite interesting to see what your system is doing and how much usage and solar gain you have created throughout the day.


After 10 years in the solar game we have come to realise one thing.  A solar system is only as good as the gear you install and the company that installs it.  We want you to know what you are buying. We want you to understand the difference between the options offered to you. We wont sell you any old panels or the cheapest gear on the market just to get your sale.  This goes the same with the solar company you use. Simply Solar is well priced, we use good quality gear with long warranties and if you have your heart set on something that we don’t generally stock we can get it.  You will always get good value with Simply Solar. We are also here for any questions you have well after your system has been installed.


Why Choose Us?

Quality Products and Service.