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Ways you can save on your electricity bills at home.

Heres our 7 handy ways you can save on your electricity bills at home today.

Things are tough enough as it its right now, and with more time spent at home lately, the last thing we want is to be hit with massive electricity bills too.

1.Keep the warmth in.

Heating and cooling your home is one of the biggest factors when it comes to your energy usage. Heres some great heating and cooling ideas that will save you money.

Use the ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan can make a room feel 5 degrees cooler and uses just 10 percent of the energy that central air conditioners use.

Heat using reverse cycle air conditioning.

Set your heater to 18-20 degrees, this is the ideal setting and you’ll hardly notice a couple of degrees higher or lower. Easily save 10% off your electricity bill by lowering your temperature only a few degrees.

Install a programmable thermostat to save energy.

You could save up to 10% on electricity costs by using a programmable thermostat. Set it to heat or cool at a more cost-friendly temperature to conserve your energy.

Use electric blankets to keep warm.

Electric blankets are amazingly efficient and inexpensive to use (roughly 4c per hour). Keep yourself cosy and warm and save yourself on the cost of heating the whole house.

2.Seal your windows

Windows play an essential role in the control of your homes temperature, allowing fresh air and natural light in as-well as keeping the warmth inside during the colder months.

Check for gaps or leaks.

Air leakage in your home can cause about 25 percent of your annual cooling and heating costs (up to as much as 40 percent for older homes).

Check over your windows, door cracks, vents and any other areas that could be leaking air. Seal these gaps with weather stripping or caulk to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Use lined curtains to reduce heat loss.

Choosing the right kind of window treatments can make a big difference in the lowering your electricity usage.

Use lined curtains and drapes to furnish your windows, choosing fabric heavy enough to help insulate your home. This will help prevent heat loss in the winter and solar heat gain in the summer.

Window shades.

Another effective and simple way to save energy in your home are window shades, mounted close to your windows creating a tight seal that will minimise both heat loss as-well as heat gain.

Open your windows when the sun is out.

When the sun is shining in the winter, open your windows, pull back the curtains to allow the radiant energy and fresh air to come into the home.

3.Use less hot water

Small changes to the way you use hot water at home will help save you money on your electricity bills.

Check & set your water heater.

If your home has more than two people then your ideal water heater setting should be around 46° celsius. This setting will reduce the amount of energy necessary to heat your water.

Insulator blankets for older water heaters help reduce standby heat loss by roughly 20%–40%. These are easy to install saving you about 4%–9% in your water heating costs.

Do full loads of washing.

One of my favourite and simple ways to conserve energy usage is to wait until you have a full load before running your washing machine or dishwasher.

Wash efficiently with the right settings.

Most delicate fabrics require washing in cold water anyways. Try doing all your washing in cold water, you will save yourself up-to 80% of the energy needed for a warm wash.

Grab your user manual or jump on google to find energy efficient setttings for your appliances at home that you may not be aware of. Check the energy ratings of your appliances, replace older ones for more energy-efficient newer models.

Shower instead of a bath.

Although it’s nice to relax in a warm bath, having a shower as opposed to running a bath can save you between 80 - 150 litres of water per bath, minimising the energy needed for your hot water tank.

Keep showers between 4 - 7 minutes.

Getting the whole family on board with this may take some creativity but if you can get shower times down to between 4 - 7 minutes each, you will save on water heating costs. You can get shower timers to go in your shower to help keep track of this.

4.Switch it off

Switch off any unnecessary appliances and powerpoints to save from draining power.

Check your powerpoints and appliances.

Some appliances even though not in use could be draining energy and slowly racking up electricity costs.

Completely power down or shut off electronics (e.g. computers, TVs, printers, etc.) when not in use. Use a power board to completely shut off the power to electronics.

Use laptop over desktop.

Using a laptop when possible as opposed to a desktop computer can save you upto 70% in energy usage. Desktops require more energy to run than your laptop will.

Turn off lights when possible

Something as simple as switching off a light that otherwise may have been left on overnight or throughout the day is the easiest way to save even just a little, which all adds up.

- Change all incandescent bulbs in your home either to CFLs or LEDs.

Read your manual.

You could be using your appliances wrong. Have a look at your manual, or jump on Google and learn the settings of your appliances and devices. You can find power saving modes, alternate settings and more different ways to use your electronics that will save you money.

5.Compare your bill

Now might be a good time to have a look at your electricity bill and compare your provider against competitors.

Jump online to compare other providers.

You can find a bunch of great info and deals on electricity if you know where to look, you might realise that you can switch to a provider offering better rates and it may not cost you a cent to switch.

Talk with your utility provider.

Its worth having a chat with your energy provider, especially if you have compared your bill and found a better deal. They may be able to have a look and possibly offer you a better rate, or a discount/credits to keep you on board. Can’t hurt to ask can it?

Shop around for a bit.

Do your research and make sure you are making the right choice when choosing a new utility provider. Read the fine print and make sure you fully understand any costs or fees involved.

Deals that sound to good to be true often are, so don’t rush your choice if its not completely urgent.

6.Save in the kitchen

These simple ideas will save you money in the heart of your home, the kitchen.

Use your dishwasher more efficiently.

Read the user manual or jump on google to learn more about your particular dishwasher. There should be recommended settings that will help you to use your dishwasher more efficiently.

Wait for a full load before using your dishwasher.

Only use the dishwasher when you have a full load, stacking your dishwasher correctly before use will reduce your costs, and time spent running your dishwasher.

Avoid using the rinse hold setting on your dishwasher. This feature uses 10-15 more litres of hot water per wash.

Replacing your old dishwasher for a newer more efficient model minimises your energy and water usage. Check the energy star ratings and read reviews to help with making your decision.

Correct temperature settings for your fridge.

Ideal temperature settings for your refrigerator is between 3 to 4 degrees celsius and your freezer between -15 to -18 degrees celsius.

This will safely keep your food well preserved and cooled to the right temperature, whilst keeping your energy usage as low as possible.

Use smaller appliances.

Use smaller appliances to reduce your energy usage in the kitchen. Microwave instead of heating the whole oven. Air frying is also a good option. Generally the smaller the appliance the less energy it will use to run.

Switch off and unplug any unnecessary appliances once you’re done using them, as they could be drawing energy even when you’re not using them.

Why not have a BBQ?

As Australians we love a good Barbecue, make use of the BBQ instead of cooking in the oven or on the stove inside. You will save electricity not having to heat the whole oven, and lets be honest there’s nothing better than a steak or sausage sanga anytime of the day.

7.Choose solar & save

One of the best solutions to cut your electricity costs is by installing solar panels on your roof and utilising the free, clean energy that the sun provides.

Create your own energy & cut out your bills.

Depending on your particular household and energy needs, you can easily cut $350 - $650 off the average quarterly power bill, when you install solar panels on your roof.

Get a tailored solution for your home.

Our solar systems are tailored to your home and your energy needs. We have a range of great solar brands to choose from, so we are able to give you great value deals on solar that works.

$0 deposit, Interest-free deals on new packages.

We offer great deals on new solar packages. With $0 upfront and no- interest financing available, you can start saving without spending a cent. The savings you get through your system can go to making the repayments on the loan.

Jump online to see how much you could be saving.

Request a quote online to get started.

It will only take you about 30 seconds to get started with our simple form. Then we will send you a no-obligation quote based of your home and energy usage, with some great info on solar and how it will work to save you money.

Hopefully some of these tips help give you some ideas on how to reduce your energy usage and cut down your electricity bills at home.

Go try some of them out and let us know what worked for you!

If you have any other ideas that we may have missed on this list we would love to hear them!

For more info on solar & to start saving on your electricity costs check out our website or give a call.