When should I add batteries 

Your solar power system is sitting on your roof minding its own business. Apart from the occasional bird dropping on it , I’m sure it’s quite happy to be there. Day in day out it cranks out the solar power. It’s a pretty nice bit of kit really.  But what about batteries. When should you put batteries on it ever.  Well my friends many years ago there was a thing called a feed in tariff. With that feed in tariff you got paid 44 cents for every kw of energy your little solar system produces but that your hungry house didn’t use. So why not pump as much as you can out to the grid. But now we get around 6 cents, so yeah nothing. So why not store that power and use it at night. Unless you can think of a way to keep the sun in the sky all night long.  I tried and could not work it out. Ask us about batteries. They are more affordable than you think.