Well you don’t get much for free today, except tens of thousands of dollars of solar power installed for FREE!

Ok, what is this madness.  Was this typed after 1 too many sherbets watching QLD clean sweep Origin, NO.

We are very excited to announce that we have done a partnership with a solar panel manufacturer to offer Schools, Sports Clubs, Factories, Offices, basically any commercial user of power FREE use of solar power.  Oh yes interest free well everyone is doing that, no NOT interest free, but actually FREE.  As in no payments, no deposit, no finance just a free solar power systems to be used on your roof.  Yes there are some conditions.  But this is just an awesome deal so jump on it before the men in head office realise that giving stuff away for free makes it hard to turn a profit.

Put simply we do a site visit, check your power usage, find out about your times of operation and take some technical information down about your power requirements.  We then design a system based on your roof space, power needs and general conditions and once we will out some paperwork and get the usuals approvals we install it for nothing. Ok how does it work.

The system is installed on your roof for nothing, the system remains the property of the manufacturer, they then sell power back to you to be used by your business at a guaranteed 30 percent cheaper then your currently paying.

So basically, they install the system at no cost to you, maintain the system at no cost to you and you save a minimum 30 percent on your power bills for doing nothing.  Um yes please.  Why by the system when you can just save on power for nothing.

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