Solar Power


We deal with the best in the business in solar power companies that offer great products to suit any budget. Whether you want a premium system or you are on more of a budget we have a solution for you.

Tesla Power Wall.  It seem everywhere you look people are talking about the Tesla Powerwall.  What is it, how does it work, what does it cost?  Call us to have a chat.

What people have been going is installing solar power and just running an electric hot water system during the day, but if down the track you want better storage you are not going to want that solar power used by your appliances during the day, you are gonna want it charging you batteries of use at night.  So by installing a solar hot water system now as well as your power system you wildcat down on your power bill and leave a lot for that free solar power to charge the batteries down the track.

Not going to get battery back up.  Well not a the moment your not, it is around $7000 but remember solar power 10 years ago was $12,000 for a 1 kw system, now days you can get a 1 kw system for less than $2000, this will also happen to batteries.