Solar Hot Water

The world of solar hot water can be a minefield with literally hundreds of different options to heat your water, coming from dozens of different companies.

What we have tried to do is use our years of selling

Split solar hot water system

We offer all brands to suit all needs. If you like Rheem because of the Brand name and reliability that comes with that No problems.  Or do you like the idea of super efficient Evacuated tubes?  Roof mount or split?  Dux, Apricus, Rheem, Envisosun, What ever you need we can do.

Budget split system

Envirosun use an Australian-made tank and the best quality solar hot water panels to put together a split solar hot water system that is amongest the highest performing in its class but at a price that puts it on par with even the cheapest solar hot water products on the market.

Coming with a 5 year warranty on the tank and panels you are getting a well built product that will last long after the warranty period has expired.

Premium split system

If you are looking for the best of the best, this is it.  evacuated tubes replace flat panels.  They work more efficiently in bad conditions, good conditions, any conditions.  The Apricus system is the best quality system on the market.  It has a 15 year warranty on the stainless steel tank and tubes.  Your new born son will be moving out of home before you need to think about replacing this system.

Roof mounted systems

Is space on the ground a concern. Then we have the perfect option for your.  Roof mounted (close coupled) solar hot water system.  We offer a budget range and a premium range.

Budget roof mount

Built by Envirosun using an australian made stainless steel tank, this is one of the best value roof mounted solar hot water systems on the market.  5 year warranty on the tank and panels this system will save you a lot of money every year over that old electric hot water system.

Premium roof mount

Originally the beasley systems, Rinnai have turned a well made product into the best roof mount system money can buy.  This system is 100% Australian made, tank panels, everything.  It has a 10 year warranty on the stainless steel tank and 7 years on the panels.  No other system on the market offers this sort of quality and even though this is a premium system, its still surprisingly affordable.