Solar Solutions

  • Heat Pump

    Want solar but have no roof space or too much shade? What about a heat pump?!

    Sounds like something that you might find aboard the star ship enterprise but a heat pump is solar with out the solar panels.

  • Solar Power

    FREE commercial solar power system for your business, school or sporting club.  UM YEP FREE!  How do you do this oh marvellous solar person, call Dave on 0401578082 to find out.  Yes some condition apply, but it is free.  Not interest free, just free.

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  • Solar Hot Water

    What brand are you looking for? do you want  a roof mount, split, vac tube?  Looking for a Rheem, a Dux?  Budget system or premium.  No matter what you want we can give it to you.  Want fries with that ( or maybe solar power) we can offer that through one of our partners too.  At great pricing.

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