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Let's make this easy

Switching to Solar Power is made simple with Simply Solar. We want to help you cut your electricity bills. We want to make it a smooth process. We step you through the whole process.

We want you to have all the information to make an informed choice. We will look over your electricity bill, discuss your big electricity guzzlers – pool, spa, hot water and your usage patterns. We will give you some options and go from there. Of course we offer the technical specs however we try to make the information understandable as we get that there is a lot to take in when making the switch.

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Solar power system longi panel
quote solar power electricity
power station SolaX
Solar Power Monitoring app

We understand there is a lot of information to take in when purchasing Solar Power for your home. Easiest way is to phone us however we have a FAQ page which should answer most of your questions, and on the panels, batteries, inverter pages you’ll find more technical information on each of the products. When quoting you we will give you the options we feel are most suitable to your electricity needs to your specific house.