Solar Ventilation

How much power does it use?

Nothing, it is 100% solar. There is no cost to run this at all.

How does it work?

Very simply we make a hole in your roof and install the Solar Whiz in that hole. We point the solar panel towards the north and it starts working. The motor sucks all the hot air from your roof. And as hot air rises we install the Solar Whiz at the highest point of your roof. the hot air keep rising and exiting from the Solar Whiz and cool fresh air is bought in from the vents we put in your eaves. Very simple.

Will my roof be water proof?

We put a flashing around the Solar Whiz and guarantee it won’t leak.

What is the difference between this and a whirly bird?

A whirly bird spins when its windy. Essentially what you have with a whirly bird is a hole in your roof for air to come out. What we are talking about with the Solar Whiz is a system to remove hot air from your roof.

We install vents in the eaves to bring inn cold air to replace the hot air we suck out. And unlike a whirly bird, the Solar Whiz has a solar driven motor to actively suck the air out of the roof.

On average the Solar Whiz will suck out around 20 times more air year round than a whirly bird.

Is it noisy?

About 30dB, very quiet.

How efficient are they?

There is no cost and as we have 3 different models to choose from depending on the size of your home, as long as you get the right model installed they very efficient at removing the hot air.

Will this help lower my cooling costs?

When your roof hold hot air it heats the structure of your house making it harder to cool. By installing a Solar Whiz you will cool the structure of your house and make your air conditioning costs fall dramatically.

What about in winter when I want the warm air in my roof?

We can install a thermostat to cut out the motor when the roof is sitting at an ideal temperature. In winter you will want that hot air to remain in your roof.

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