Solar Power

How much solar power do I need?

Everyones need are different. If you want to off set a small part of your power bill you might go for a 1.5kw system that will do roughly a third of the average power bill. If you want to totally do away with your power bill you may need to look at a 4 or 5kw system. The best way to be sure is ask us to do a quote.

Can I connect panels direct to my appliances?

No. The solar power system connects into your house, through your meter board. The meter then either uses your solar power to power the home or if there is a short fall uses the grid.

Are there any rebates?

No, there are no longer any rebate programs but the system gets STC’s.

Is there still a feed in tariff?

Currently there is an 8 cents per KW feed in tariff. This disappears mid-2014.

Do the solar power systems get STC's?

The systems we sell are ORER approved and get STC’s.

What is the best direction for the panels to face?

North generally, but west works fine with a small amount of efficiency loss.

Can you get a battery back up system?

Most systems are grid connected. You can get battery back up but we do not offer them.

New to solar?

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