Solar Pool Heating

What is that matt made of?

Sunbather make their own matt and solar pool heating products. The matt is made from hiPec pvc.

Will the solar pool heating heat hot water for my house?

Solar pool heating only heats your pool. It is not designed to heat spas or houses. For your hot water ask us about Solar Hot Water systems.

Can I install the solar pool heating myself?

Yes. You can buy a kit from us and do your own install but keep in mind that working on roofs is dangerous. We are trained to work at heights and follow strict guide lines as to safety.  You also need to keep in mind that the solar needs to be installed in accordance to Sunbather guidelines, if installed incorrectly you may void part or all of your warranty. But there is no trade qualification required.

Does the solar pool heating work if there is no sunshine?

Like all solar, solar pool heating requires the sun. If the sun is not shining the system will not work. Unlike solar hot water there is no back up electrical power when the sun is not shining.

Can I swim all year round with the pool heating?

Generally most people will only swim in their pools in summer but with Sunbather pool heating you can as a guide swim between Sept to April. This is a guide only.

What temperature will the pool be?

Most people want the solar pool heating to keep their pool at 28-30 degrees.

What are the runnings costs?

This is a hard one to answer but the pump will cost approx $130 a year to run.

If the matt leaks will it flood my house?

We put the matt on your roof and do not penetrate your roof. So although the matts are extremely tough if it did happen to leak down the track is will only flow on your roof and into the gutter.

How long does it take to install?

Depending on your house. Generally the install will take around 5-6 hours.

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