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FAQ for your Home

Q.How does solar power work

A. Light from the sun hits the panels.  This causes an electric reaction creating DC power.  This power is drawn from the panels by the inverter.  The inverter converts the power to 240 AC power like your house uses.

Q.If there is no sun will I still have power?

A. if the weather is bad or its night time our system automatically switches you over to the electricity grid.

Q. How much power will my system produce.

A. In QLD there is approx, on average, 5.4 light hours a day.  So 1 kw of solar panels will produce approx. 5.4 kw of power a day.  In other words the size of your solar power system x 5.4 is approx the amount of kw power your system will produce a day

Q. There are 10 or more hours of sun a day, why do you only say 5.4 light hours.

A. 5.4 light hours is a figure that is provided for by the Clean Energy council.  While there are more hours in the day that are “light”  Solar power works most effectively during and around lunch time when the sun is at its highest.  So it may be light at 8am but the sun is low and not very effective.  So from 6am to 9.30 am we wont actually get much our of the solar system.  Same with 4.30 to 6 or so.  So we say approx. 5.4 light hours that is on average through our the year.  On any given day it can be higher or lower.

Q. Can I choose a particular type of panel as you don’t seem to sell them?

A. Yes of course.  We deal with many suppliers and can supply what ever you like.  The brands we deal with now are just well proven to be effective and long lasting.

Q.Are there any rebates available for solar?

A. Basically the only rebate is the STC program.  It is a discount we apply upfront on your solar.  Its a little complicated but please let us explain it in person  during your quote.

Q. If there is a blackout will I still have power?

A. Those that have a battery system will have battery back up.

However those that do not have battery backup rely on the grid to work so during any power outage you will not have power. If this is important to you to have power during black outs discuss this with us and we can over some options with you.

Q. Do you do battery storage for my home and is it worth it?

A. The price of solar has fallen dramatically in the 10 years I have been selling solar.  Batteries were expensive but they are not at the point where they are becoming well worth while.  Let us price you and see how affordable it is.

Q. How long will me solar system last

A. The panels have a 25 year efficiency warranty.  Min 10 year product warranty.  All the products we use are of good quality and from good suppliers.  The standard panels we use are backed by powerguard

Q. How do I monitor how much power my system is producing?

A. Most of the solar systems we install have an app and a wifi function.  If you choose that option we can set it up and you can look to the app at any time and see exactly what your solar is doing.

Q. How quickly will I see a difference on my electricity bill?

A. This will depend on your electricity providers billing cycle. Once hooked up your system will export unused electricity back to the grid this should reflect on your next cycle bill.

Q. I'm going on holidays do I have to do anythingl?

A. Your system will continue to operate the same offsetting your homes daytime use and what isn used will still be exported to the grid. If going for a length of time may be worth thinking about reducing your daytime usage and turning off your big items such as fridge if not using and turn everything off standby at the power point.

Q. Do I need to service my system regularly?

A. We do recommend that you have your system every 1.5-2 years. Cleaning the panels is also recommended to ensure peak performance from your panels however generally dust is washed off with regular rains. There is no moving parts in your solar power system however if you have particular issues such as eg birds decorating your panels you may want a more regular service. Most of our systems come with a wifi app that can help you keep an eye on your system quite easily.

Q. Will I get a credit on my electricity bill?

A.  If you have a battery set up you will first use your electricity at time of generation. Then the battery gets topped up. Then whatever is not used or stored will be sent off to the grid. This is called a feed in tariff. This you will receive a credit for. The rate you receive back fro this feed in depends on your state and your electricity retailer. This does sometimes fluctuate so best to shop around retailers to find the best feed in tariff keeping in mind their additional charges.

Q. I don't have a battery system how do I save the most money?

A.  The best way is to weigh up the price you are paying for electricity and the price you are getting paid for your feed in tariff. Reducing your consumption of the grid electricity being used and substituting for your solar electricity created is generally the aim. Running all your big ticket items during the day is the best idea staggered throughout. Use your delay timers on machines to run at peak times during the day. Pool pump through the day etc. Surplus power that you are not using will be fed back into the grid that you will receive a credit against your electricity bill however generally this amount is much lower than the amount you are paying for electricity being used.

Q. I have shadows on my roof from nearby trees?

A.  We will organise a site visit for your quote and go over everything with you including shading. Shadows from trees and buildings will reduce your solar systems output. When we visit we will recommend the best location for your solar panels to avoid shading to ensure your system works at its optimum performance.

Q. Do I need to upgrade my meter?

A.  During the inspection we will check you have the correct meter. If not we will assist in arranging this with your electricity retailer and advise you of the cost.  The meter is important as it will measure and record how much you consume from the gird and also how much you are exporting back to the grid.

Q. How long does the actual installation take?

A.  Once we have a date for installation the install should only take one or two  days in general depending on the amount of panels and size of the installation.

Q. Insurance - is my new Solar Power system covered?

A.  Being that the panels are fixed to the properties roof insurance companies consider them to be part of the structure of your home. We do however recommend you contact your insurance company for peace of mind that your new system is covered.

Q. How can I tell that my system is working well?

A.  Your inverter shows you daily information. Depending on the system purchased you may also have a wifi set up so you can log in on an app on phone or computer which you can check daily.