Don’t run you electric hot water system during the day

Since the ending, several years ago, of the $0.44 feed in tariff most people have been choosing to put in a bigger solar power system and run appliances like there electric hot water during the day to use the free power.  But now that the good people at Telsa have started convincing the world that battery storage is the way to go you may want to have another look at solar hot water.

Why?  At the moment your solar power system puts power into your house to run your daily needs.  around 25 to 40% of that power runs your electric hot water system, then your fridges, standby appliances, air con and so on.  Put simply there is not much power left for more people to feed into the grid.  What then happens when you want to install a battery back up system so you can save that power and use it at night when there is no solar power available.  You cant because you are using all the power you make and more to run your house.  So getting rid of that electric hot water system and getting a solar hot water system can free up as much as 40% of your daily power to feed your batteries.

Not going to get batteries.  10 years ago if I asked you do you want solar power, its $12,000 and will produce around less than 10 percent of you power will you would looked at me like I’m crazy.  Now you can get this size system for under $2000.  The battery storage solution may be expensive now but in 2 to 3 years they will be half what they are now and it will be worth looking at.  So plan ahead.  don’t waste your solar power, make your house more efficient now and reap the benefits tomorrow.