Mission Statement

As consumers we all have amazing access to information these days.  It is pretty hard to pull the wool over our eyes.  We all see the stories about global warming.  We see the stories about rain forests being cut down and pollution on the rise.  Maybe you look at the air quality and think its not as fresh as when you were growing up or maybe the rivers just not as clean. You see you do not have to be a “greenie” to want to help create a greener world.  At the end of the day lets let the politicians label what ever is happening to the planet and they can spend all there time positioning themselves as the answer. For you and me we don’t need to talk about it all we need to do is act.

At Simply Solar we don’t claim to be experts in climate science, to be fair we have no idea if as humans we are heating the planet. But what we do know is that solar is good for the planet, we have a huge over supply of solar hitting the planet every day. Your reasons for buying solar do not have to be as noble as saving the planet. But if we all cut back our power consumption maybe we can make the trees a little greener and the rivers a little cleaner. Maybe we can make the air a little less polluted and just put all this sun hitting the planet every day to work.  If we can do that, it does not really matter what we call it.  It does not matter who is right and who is wrong.

If we can do that it can do nothing but great things for our future and the future of our kids.

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